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While there are plenty of minorities, the Persian population dominates. Young educated people are internet savvy and well-informed about the West. Anywhere foreigners went, signs were bilingual: Farsi for locals…and English for everyone else.

The local ethnicity reflects the turmoil of this country's long history. The script looks Arabic to me, but I learned — like the language — it's Farsi.

["Salaam."] Most important, we'll meet and talk with the people whose government so exasperates America.

["…situation is open."] We'll go to Friday prayers in a leading mosque, consider the challenges confronting Iran's youth, enjoy the hospitality of a family dinner and survive the crazy Tehran traffic before experiencing the tranquility of rural life and meeting joyful school kids on a field trip.

Rather than deal with the complex political issues that confront our governments, "Rick Steves' Iran" is a travelogue designed to introduce Americans to some of the faces and places of this proud nation of 70 million people. And during a time of tension between the US and Iran, Rick believes that, while there are no easy solutions to the problems facing our two countries, surely getting to know more about this culture is a step in the right direction. He did not receive funds from the Iranian or US governments.

Rick Steves' Iran: Yesterday and Today [25 words] As he's done with previous programs on Israel, Egypt, and Eastern Turkey, Rick takes us beyond Europe to a place that's rich with history..mystery.

This subway system is really as good as anything I've seen in Europe.

Of Iran's 70 million people, well over half are under the age of 30. I was impressed by how the people we met were curious and eager to talk.

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We're in Iran — here to learn, to understand, and to make some friends. Like most Americans, I know almost nothing about Iran. We'll show the splendid monuments of Iran's rich and glorious past, discuss the 20th century story of this perplexing nation, and experience Iranian life today in its giant metropolis, historic capital, and a countryside village.

If you need to get somewhere in a hurry — or if your motorcycle taxi is under some big bus — thank goodness for the subway.

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