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Cold Stone Creamery franchise was listed as 2nd worst with a 31% failure rate.The much maligned (& litigated) Quiznos franchise was 3rd worst with a 25% default rate.And we focused on actual, physical structures, which eliminated items like the Shroud of Turin—shown only every few years—and gatherings like the Kumbh Mela festival, which can draw more than 60 million Hindus when held every 12 years.You don't need to have faith to be drawn to these temples, churches, and shrines, popular for their spiritual and cultural value.The Methodology: We made no distinction between devout religious pilgrims and secular tourists, or between domestic and foreign visitors.Because most of these sacred sites are free and open to the public, it’s impossible to get a completely accurate count of visitors or their reasons for; Annual Visitors: 21.9 million This temple with its two golden domes sits along the western bank of the Ganges River and, with the Ganges, is the most holy site for all sects of Hinduism.Believers bathe in the river to cleanse their souls and reduce or eliminate the need to be reincarnated.

In the last 10 years almost one in three SBA-backed franchisees defaulted on their loan.” Quiznos franchise – 25%: “One in four franchise owners was unable to make good on their SBA-backed loan.Meanwhile, UPS rolls on, adding new franchisees to its network for an initial fee just shy of ,000.” Super 8 franchise – 4%: “Getting into the motel industry is pricey… Tokyo’s Harajuku neighborhood is famous for its loud street fashion (embraced by singer Gwen Stefani, among others), but it’s most popular attraction is hardly a household name.Whatever the day, you’ll find Catholics attending mass at Mexico City’s Basilica of Our Lady of Guadalupe (No.

3), among casual tourists and others who’ve traveled here expressly to pay their respects to an image of the Virgin Mary.While each religion has its holy seasons, there’s always a reason to visit these sites, whether you’re intrigued by the history, art, or simply following a packaged tour.