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Paulina Porizkova apparently went with the latter; points to Ocasek. He's a living piece of igneous rock that's spent years out on a windy plain somewhere in the middle of nowhere, heavily bombarded by meteorites and tattoo artists.

But when it comes to sixty-two-year-olds who could still nail the shit out of you, the former Mr. Yeah, she's the girl your friends tell you not to go home with when you've had a few.Just goes to show that a little chutzpah, a razor wit — and tens of millions — can make up for oiled-chainmail hair and the Adam's apple of Ichabod Crane.— episode finds Bart and Lisa watching a movie called "The Muppets Go Medieval"; they ask their father why one of the muppets is made of leather, not realizing they're looking at an aging Troy Mc Clure.He might be short, balding and bespectacled, but Allen makes his neuroses work for him.

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And if the awkward nice-guy routine doesn't fly, he's got a secret weapon: underneath that veneer lies a voracious sexual appetite that cannot be satisfied by time or starlets.Don't pretend you wouldn't take that plunge. And his voice is the mating call of an elephant seal.