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Nia Long express her reluctance to marry Ime Udoka in Essence.First, Nia Long, 41, looks absolutely gorgeous on the cover of Essence Magazine’s July issue.He also continues to work as a science and environmental journalist with more than 30 years of experience producing content for major publications.His work has appeared in the New York Times, Washington Post, Audubon, Climate Central, Columbia Journalism Review, Discover, Nieman Reports, and many other publications.“During the second half of July, the trade winds puffed a bit harder over the western half of the Pacific, likely helping this current Kelvin wave form,” writes Emily Becker in NOAA’s informative and compellingly clear ENSO Blog.Parts of the blob reached the surface in August, resulting in anomalously cool surface waters along the equator. But it’s important to note that this and other features have to strengthen and persist before NOAA will declare the official start of a La Niña episode.

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In that same frame, orange and yellow tones hugging the west coast of South America reveal particularly warm water — evidence of a “coastal El Niño.” This phenomenon sometimes is a prelude to a full-fledged El Niño, in which a spear of unusually warm water extends westward from the coast of South America along the equator.As a La Niña episode gets going, those winds tend to strengthen, shoving even harder on warm surface waters, pushing them out of the way, and thereby allowing cooler water to well up from the ocean depths.This is precisely what began to happen during August.This animation compares sea surface temperature anomalies in the Pacific Ocean on May 12 and Sept. The blue swath that forms along the equator indicates cooler than normal temperatures that have developed since May. Animation: Tom Yulsman) In the animation above, watch the equatorial region of the Pacific west of South America.

The colors indicate how temperatures at the sea surface vary from the long-term average.

And the spear of blue along the equator indicates a cool-down.