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06-Aug-2017 22:20

The Cossacks were considered less violent until the Waco confrontation.

The start of any Waco trials was delayed by the enormous volume of evidence and several bikers' attempts to have their cases dismissed.

Women are just as picky as men when it comes to picking a partner, it seems, and want a man with short, dark brown hair and blue eyes.

The ideal is a man with a 'dad bod' - an average build that isn't too muscular, skinny or heavy-set.

Appearances aside, it seems self-employed women are the most appealing to the opposite sex.

Freelancers, besides being freed from the shackles of a desk job, are also more popular on the dating front than doctors, teachers or architects.

THE IDEAL WOMAN It seems gentlemen really do prefer blondes, as the research shows most men are looking for a woman with fair hair.

Carrizal's attorney, Casie Gotro, had complained before and during trial about delays in receiving evidence from prosecutors and law enforcement agencies that she was entitled to.

The issue prompted Gotro to object when the judge instructed the deadlocked jurors on Friday morning that another jury would hear the same evidence if he had to declare a mistrial.

But there's no denying that some people have better luck on the romantic front than others.

Now research has revealed the characteristics most women look for in a man - and vice versa - in a bid to establish a clearer picture of the 'ideal' date.

Carrizal was charged with directing the activities of a criminal street gang and two counts of engaging in organized criminal activity with the underlying offenses of murder and aggravated assault.

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