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29-Jun-2017 21:42

The Speech will also contain a string of measures designed to smooth the path to Brexit.

As well as the Great Repeal Bill, which will copy EU regulations into law before we leave to make life easier for business, the package will also include new laws on immigration, trade, farming and fishing.

But Tory sources said Mrs May would still put forward a ‘strong domestic agenda’, including plans to curb rip-off energy bills, measures to tackle extremism, laws on toughening up on domestic violence and putting an end to bogus whiplash claims that could save the average motorist £35 a year.

The Government is also set to pledge action to tackle the crisis in social care.

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The Queen's procession to the Chamber of the House of Lords, where she takes the throne and delivers her speech, will also be reduced, with no heralds present.

Speaking ahead of today’s announcement, the Prime Minister acknowledged the need to listen to voters’ concerns after a bruising election campaign that backfired.

‘This Government will respond with humility and resolve to the message the electorate sent,’ she said.

This year's ceremony was scaled down because it is taking place just four days after the Trooping the Colour and it was deemed infeasible for the military to stage two major events in such a short period.

It means the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh will travel to and from the Palace of Westminster by car rather than by carriage.Theresa May has pledged to govern with ‘humility’ as she prepares to ditch a string of controversial election pledges in today’s Queen’s Speech.