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Please keep in mind that the majority of people who have been cursed never realize they have been cursed and if they happen to be non-believers they will normally deny they are cursed, even as well-wishers on the outside watch as their lives are destroyed.Signs One May Be Cursed Or Hoodooed- An out of the ordinary string of bad luck with multiple negative experiences occurring in a relatively short time frame.- Feelings of physical exhaustion or fatigue- Financial difficulties and the loss of one's job or income- Difficulty sleeping, especially if experiencing odd nightmares or dreams.- Developing a troubled mind, such as depression, mania, inability to concentrate, feelings of fear or panic, feelings of hopelessness or else periods of extreme anger, confusion, and general angst.- Experiencing a negative presence (can be either the feeling that one's home has suddenly become haunted even though one never had any supernatural problems before or the feeling that something is pressing down on one's self or may even be "riding" one's back.The format will change to 24 hour Christian Broadcasting and identify as "AM990 WLDX-The River".The primary existing programs, "Morning Call" & "At Your Service" will remain in their original forms with additional programming soon to come including "Inspirational Insights", a devotional program featuring a variety of local pastors from the area, "A Good News Moment" featuring a positive news story, certain to inspire, "A Moment For Your Health", a short piece that gives you a daily dose of fitness and health advice, and a whole lot more.The level of power needed to manifest this extreme outcome is usually beyond the scope of most black magic practitioners.This said there are indeed cases where it is believed that a black magic practitioner just happened to invoke enough power to pull it off.)Some things to keep in mind:- Curses ebb and flow as well as come in waves.

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The following is provided to help people recognize the signs that one has indeed been cursed.Since 2013, WLDX has played a mixed format of Southern Gospel from 6am - 10am with the primary format being Country music.Beginning, July 17th, 2017 at 12pm, WLDX will take on a new identity.One might experience times where one thinks things are back to normal only to have another round of these unfortunate experiences.- With regard to a curse's effect on one's health, keep in mind that a curse will act on one's dispositions and weaknesses.

If one is prone to a certain condition or disorder then that is how the curse will attack or manifest itself with regard to destroying one's health.

What makes it so sad is that most of these people are paying for the sins of their ancestors.