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29-Dec-2017 07:04

A student may not ask to be excepted from the aptitude or skill that the test is designed to measure.

Deaf people sign and fingerspell at a certain pace.

I am not sure if one of the goals of the course is for your students to be able to interpret your finger spelling and answer in a timely manner to demonstrate that they could hold a reasonably flowing conversation?

If this is a goal would her having the ability to write down the letters during the test alter your course requirements?

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Instead, the defensible accommodation is to allow a student to use a Deaf Culture or similar class to satisfy the "Foreign Language" requirement at a college or university.Thus the percentage of occurrence of fingerspelling in my tests is very reasonable.Occasionally some of the sentences I sign have fingerspelling in them but those occurrences are of typical and regular items such as the term "ASL" or "SAC" (for Sacramento) -- which students are expected to be familiar with since they show up so frequently (in our area).Thus it would be silly to ask for "additional time" on quizzes that are open for "weeks." Testing accommodations are meant to insure -- not facilitate procrastination in taking a test. ." Does the requested accommodation fundamentally alter the nature of the testing?

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As far as the in-person exams, please "try" taking the first one in the regular manner and during the regular time frame. If so, the instructor is not required to make the modification.

Reading the model information to Steve should be adequate to ensure effective communication.

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